Orthodontic Silicone Teats

Happy Baby Steadiflow® Orthodontic Silicone Teats, available here at Tommee Tippee, have special air channels in the flange to equalise air pressure. This allows just enough air to pass into the bottle whilst your baby feeds.

Steadiflow teats

Steadiflow teats

Happy Baby Steadiflow Orthodontic Silicone Teats offer a classic teat shape, along with special air channels to equalise air pressure and help reduce the symptoms of colic. In order to achieve a Steadiflow and prevent the teat collapsing, minor adjustments can be made by tightening or loosening the bottle collar slightly.


  • Orthodontic Silicone Teats are available in slow, medium, fast & variable flow rates
  • Suitable for use on Steadiflow Easy-hold Slimline Bottles
  • Suitable for use from birth
  • TBPA & Phthalate Free